30 challenge and the month of fun

February 2021 – my Month of Fun

I’m joining #30challenge organized by Marta Kozłowska and Art Zona. The idea is to do something creative every day and show it to the world (FB/insta…). I decided to focus on finishing my new small art series on plywood “Talking with the ocean” and to use finally the collection of sticks, dried cactuses recycled wood, yatn and so on.

Daily routine for creative challenge

1/ For a good start of the day I will be writing three “morning pages” with stream of thoughts. It clears the mind and helps to awake the creativity. I learned this method from the book “Artist Way’ written by Julia Cameron

Freedom and fun is the key. Joy is a gate.

2/ I will choose one painting from the series, meditate little bit with it and I will finish it or destroy it to transform into something different: collage, sculpture, jewellery or whatever will come.

3/ Sometimes (hopefully every day), I will do additional work inspired by the painting. I will use “treasures” from my collection. What can I create? Sculptures, magnets, wall hangings… Give me an idea!

My Why

Normally in such challenge I would start something new, but I had so many things already in progress! I enjoy painting, so every time when I look what I already finished few layers ago and I decide to add another one, another, and another… So the challenge will force me to finish painting NOW. But creating the additional small artworks from sticks – it will be something new. a perfect way to expand my imagination! There is a one motivation more: since few months, I’m planning to open my online art shop, but it’s so stressful to me that I find excuses to postpone the day. Can I make it in a playful way and have some fun? Let’s try! I’ll just start with simple Etsy shop and I will be adding new works systematically. Keep your finger cross and come back to see the progress.

I will be reworking those paintings: 21 size 20x30cm & 2 size 30x40cm

If you feel the urge to own one of them in actual faze of it’s egiztency and prevent from “destroying” or upgrading it, be quick and write to me: hola@sirena.vision.

Follow me on Instagram if you want to observe the results. Join my mailing list to not miss the coupon code when I open my Etsy shop.

EDIT 08.05.2021

Just after seting up my outdoor studio, the rain came, then I learned that I have to move to Sicily because health issues of my parner’s father, little bit after crossing the border, I learned that I had to go for a while to Poland to save the life my old cat- my 16 years old baby. I could take only some of those paintings in a cabin bag. They had interesting journey: painted with the Atlantic Ocean, energized by the Mediterranean Sea and Etna, finished in the garden of my Grandparents in Poland, under the pines I remember from the childhood. Check the results!


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