Artist Statement

My art is an invitation to the quiet journey through the landscape of your own inner infinity.

My work celebrates the harmonizing power of nature. Through fine art photography, paintings, eco collages and performances I try to express those mindful moments when the border between the outer and inner landscape dissolve. The moments of silence taking us far away from the daily chaos, beyond so-called reality,.

My art studio is in nature: on the beaches, in the caves, on the trekking routes and recently in my eco garden on Spanish Island, La Palma. Deep immersion into the landscape reconnects me with nature and my hidden dreams. While I”m contemplating the horizon line, I see the archetypical creatures coming out from the sea of the subconscious. Then I embody them.

I use methods developed during my 15 years-long professional theatre work. The improvisation techniques learned from Krystian Lupa help me contact very deeply with the character without abandoning my own personality uniqueness. I don’t play Unicorn or Siren, I’m becoming them. Then I can make authentic self-portrait in the scenography designed by Nature.

I paint usually on the beach, I listen the Ocean and let the wind to mix the sand with the paint. I create when I’m still half dreaming. Nights before are bringing me a lot of visions, I sleep under the billion stars hotel – on the shore or inside the nearby cave. Sometimes I add to my paintings recycled an organic elements like dried cactuse, feathers sticks. My ambition is to become an eco-artist, so I expire and learn sustainable techniques.