How the Ocean told me that my purpose is to become a Turquoise Shaman

Ask the right questions

A few months ago, I felt so much chaos in my head that I was on the edge of crying. The crazy dance helped me to release the tears. Then I sat under the Canarian Pine and started to talk with my tree-coach.
“I am so long on my way to learn who I am. I received so many informations, but I still don’t know what to do. I’m tired, and sometimes I want to give up and go back home. Help me, please, to put the puzzles together!” I was desperate to receive the answer.
“You ask the wrong questions,” replied the Tree. “Stop asking WHO you are. Ask WHY you are. Learn what your purpose is.
I felt confused but the Pine asked me:
“ When the last time you went to chat with the Ocean? You have to go there now and ask the right question.”

Dream Whisperer

Next day, I went on a vision quest to the Ocean. I spent three nights partially in a nearby cave and partially on the beach. The last night, I woke up with those words in my head:
“Dream Whisperer”, I believed that was voice of the Ocean.
”But what does it mean?”, I asked.
“You have to paint with me, on the beach and whisper your dreams. Later, in your home, you have to keep going with your work. Add gifts of the earth and scraps from your imagination to those pantings. You have to do that every day to not forget who you are. You, people, forget so easily who you are. It never happens to the flower or bird, but humans…” Ocean seemed very disappointed.

“And you have to promise me to not discuss it with your Inner Critic and Inner Sceptic.”, the Ocean knew me more than I knew myself.

“And don’t worry, you will recognize when the job it’s finished. This painting process is your initiation for a a Turquoise Shaman, the Dream Whisperer, who can whisper people’s dreams through art. It’s your new path. Finish this and wait for the new tasks.”

I thought that I was crazy but anyway I signed the contract with the Ocean. Then I was put to the tests: storms, rains, sicknesses, necessity of moving out and of course forced attacks of Inner Voices. This is a topic for another story, but the most important is that I overcame the obstacles and after the long time, I finished the task. In a few days, I will show it to the world, so if you want to be the first to see the collection, join my e-mail list.


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