My story starts when I meet a shaman on the Florida Vacation.

The calling

It was a hippie sunset celebration on the beach, full of music and pure joy. At the end of this weekly ritual, the Master of Ceremony was always choosing one person to give her the magic feather with the power of fulfilling dreams. That day he chose me!

Honestly, I had no idea what I was dreaming about; I was too disconnected from myself. I lost the purpose of life. I just was trying to rest, so I was spending hours on the beach, listening to the waves and painting for pleasure. I didn’t know that it was the calling from the Ocean. I went back home.

Die to be reborn

One cold November evening, I lay down on my apartment floor in Krakow (Poland), waiting for death. I saw every detail of it: the family’s suffering, meows of my cat, the funeral, the soul dissolving from the body and flying up to the Source.  I woke up after three days and nights with a huge desire to live.  My depression was gone with a rediscovered dream:

I just was dreaming about a very quiet but joyful life close to nature and the sea. I was longing for the Ocean. And I wanted to paint.

The Journey

I packed my backpack and set off on a journey through The Canary Islands. I was living in caves and on the beaches. Gran Canaria taught me joy, freedom, and trust in the Universe. On Tenerife, I discovered my inner Unicorn. 31 December of 2018, I was celebrating New Year’s Eve and my 40th birthday – one day later, the Atlantic Ocean decided to take me with her. She could kill me, but she just invited me to her “mentorship program”. On La Palma, I reborn as a mermaid, and the Ocean gave me a new name – Sirena. Few months later, on Sicily (Italy), I grew up my tail and started to document my transformation in fine art photography form. The magic feather was already working – I fulfilled so many dreams on my way. Some more are waiting to fulfill, and I believe – I can do it.

The Flow

When I arrived on La Palma, I meet the Shaman. He told me that there is a creativity chakra on the Island. I believe that is a true.

Here, on La Palma, I photograph dreamy oceanscapes and I paint them. I do it on the beach, I listen to the Ocean words and let the wind to mix the sand with the paint. I create when I’m still half dreaming. Nights before are bringing me a lot of visions, I sleep in the billion-star hotel – on the shore or inside the nearby cave.

On La Palma, I’m reconnecting with the Mother Nature by long walks, eco-gardening,  meditations with singing crystal bowl under the Canarian Pine. Out of La Palma, I don’t stop to make art. I learned how to refill the spring of creativity through the contact with Nature.

Dream Whisperer of the Ocean

In November 2020, after three nights on the beach, I woke up with those words: Dream Whisperer.

“This is who you are”, said my Mentor, the Ocean.

I was chosen by the Ocean for a mission to remind the people about the power of dreams.

The Ocean promised to teach me everything but si have to follow all steps without discussing them with my inner Skeptic. I signed the contract and now I’m whispering my dreams into the paintings. I’m slowly starting toIt for others. The Ocean believes that someday I will pay off my “debt” for her lessons – I will repay it by serving Mother Earth.

Recently, I found another shamanic feather on my way to the Ocean. I know that it doesn’t belong to me. It’s my time to give the magic to someone who may need it.


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