Abstract Oceanscapes

Dive deep into blue 3d abstract mixed media collages painted with acrylics, sand, sun dried cactuses, sun, sea breeze and magical energy of the Ocean.

Hi, I’m Sirena

I’m mixed media artist obsessed with the Ocean. I paint mostly on the beaches of beautiful La Palma Island (Spain). I paint with acrylic, but my art contains organic elements (beach or volcanic sand, dried cactuses, sticks) and recycled materials (fabric scraps, yarn, paper, old paintings) what makes them three-dimensional. Every painting is the meditation started with the Ocean, continued in the forrest or in the garden, so is energized by Mother Nature. I experiment with various techniques to find the best way to channel magical energy of the Ocean and Sea.

I’m currently in Florida (USA), open for commissions and collabs. (until 26.10)

Contact for inquires: sirena@sirenavision.art