Live Art Performances

After graduating from AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków in 2008, for the next ten years I was working as a theatre director and actress – the dramatic theatre adaptations with a lot of words were my specialization. Now I like to invite the audience for a Sound & Visual Journey, bring closer the sea and show intimate, meditative Painting practice. No more drama, no more conflicts – only pure relax with art, live music and ocean vibes. If you’d like such experience on your event, let’s talk about the details:

2019 | Supernova, Kraków, Poland © Sirena

2016 | Supernova, Kraków, Poland © Sirena

Dancing Unicorn – short performance

I was asked to show Unicorn Dance on the opening of Brave Creativity Festival and Artist Way ehibition in Art Zona, Kraków, Poland. This dance was my 3-minutes long Radical Inner Freedom manifest. To invite the Unicorn, send me mail:

2019 | ArtZona, Kraków, Poland © Sirena