Awake your inner mermaid

I facilitate workshops, women circles and creative expeditions based on expressive painting, dancing, walks, writing, acting, rituals, meditation… I want my participants feel more relaxed, free, joyful and connected with their inner creators.

Inner beach

Workshop was developed to help to embody energy the sea. By deep relaxation and through meditative dance & painting participants are learning how to bring back body and mind to the state of harmony and openness. They connect not only with their inner calmness but also with their playful, creative inner child.

See galleries from workshops:

Painting Party

I facilitate also workshops in private homes for small groups. Playfull way to connect with your inner creator and at the same time to have some fun with your friends.

Invite a workshop

If you are intrested in inviting workshop, let’s talk. I am open to custom workshop scenario. I am a travelling artist, so there are my estimated plan of trips:

  • 09.2022- 02.2023 – South America
  • 03.2023 – Europe [Poland, Sicily, Canary Islands]